Great Northen Wall

The Earth

The northernmost point of The Earth is Mount Pagos. Winter on this mountain lasts longer than anywhere else in The Earth. The only things that can live well in this environment are the old trees of the Snow Pine. For thousands of years, they have been called The Endless White Forest. Deep in the forest was a space rift that leads directly to The Nightmare.

Around the beginning of the second era of The Earth, the Beasts followed this rift to attack The Earth. A bloody war between the Humans and the other bloodthirsty race broke out in this land. When the Human side was about to lose, Elias – who was considered the first leader of the North, tried to call for the unity and help of the whole The Earth. From the warriors of the Crown Kingdom to the Elf mages from the afar Dreaming Valley, all answered the call. At the Iron Fortress, the first Auramium swords were forged. All helped to change the course of the war and the Beasts were finally repelled. Peace has been restored but the danger from the rift is still there...

Elias then united with the top leaders of The Earth to build a long wall here to separate the Endless White Forest and that rift from the rest of The Earth. They called this wall the Great Northern Wall. At the same time, Elias also founded the Black Knights with one and only mission to guard the Great Northern Wall as well as to protect the entire The Earth from the dangers of The Nightmare. Therefore, they were almost out of all political affairs on The Earth and conversely, all Kingdoms were not allowed to encroach on the Black Knight.

"What happens on the Great Northern Wall, stays on the Great Northern Wall!"

Over time, as the wars for power continued, people gradually forgot the importance of the Black Knights to The Earth. Respect for them also faded with the years as well as within the ranks of the Black Knight themselves there were voids. The culmination was when the Silver Serpent bribed some members of The Wall (short for the Great Northern Wall) Council, forcing Brian Kide to become the leader of the Black Knights in order to separate him from his home town of North Castle. Then, he plans to assassinate Brian and conquers the entire North.

The Black Knights fall into chaos, and on the other side of the rift, Orson and the evil Demons are preparing their forces to take over The Earth once more...