Hell Gate


If the City of Light is the home of the gods, then Hell Gate can be seen as a fortress of the Demons. It was Azathoth who took orders from Leviathan and Cyril to found this place to monopolize the power of The Darkness. Hell Gate appears to be a large gate from the outside, but inside it is full of deadly traps, which were first designed to prevent anyone who dared to break in and find The Darkness. Deep within the heart of Hell Gate there is the evil entity The Darkness, which has resided in The Nightmare since the Big Bang.

After Azathoth finished Hell Gate, Leviathan and Cyril used their powers to seal The Darkness, bending its power to their will. The fireball Damned Eyes is also one of the magics created in the process. Moreover, Grimm with his knowledge, is entrusted by Leviathan to guard and search for new magic around The Darkness. However, they do not know that Grimm has his own agenda. A death song is about to be played and the blood to be spilled as he wishes...