Jade Dragon Mountain

The Greenland

Jade Dragon Mountain, located in Greenland's far north, is the highest point here. All the elite Aether is condensed on the top of the mountain, crowned with eternal white snow. This is the home of the Eternal Dragon in Greenland. Every 100 years, the most powerful dragons of each tribe will join in a duel in order to choose a Dragon Lord of the Deshading top. As soon as dusk sets in, any dragon that stays on top of the highest point of Jade Dragon Mountain will be the next Lord. As a result of this competition, those bodies of the defeated dragon will fall directly onto the City of Light - the city of the Omni gods. That’s why the name "Dragon Storm" was born.

The first and only dragon in history to be hailed as the Lord of the Dragons is Adonis, a symbol of the ancient Everlasting Draconian. However, there are three talented dragons who almost conquered the top of the mountain. They are Toparos of the Freeze-Rock Draconian, Lagan of the Flame Draconian and finally Anemos, the leader of the Dragoon.

All of them own the power that surpasses any other dragon and are always ready to challenge the throne of Adonis. However, because of always fighting against each other as well as the pressure coming from the Everlasting Draconian of Adonis, until now, they have not been able to achieve their purpose. Thus, the scale among the Three Poles are formed and keep the balance for the Jade Dragon Mountain.